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  • Paris 18 – 21 May 2016

      We are going to Paris, yay! NUOO, a fabulous natural beauty box and an on-line shop (, is organising a boutique éphémère (or a pop up shop to you and me 🙂 ) between 18 and 21 of May 2016. We would love to invite you to join us for workshops and talks on the…

  • It’s all about… the eyes (or the skin around it)

      Common problems with the skin around the eyes There is a saying that “eyes are the window to the soul”. Equally, we could say the the skin around them is a window to our lifestyle. Just by looking around their eyes you can tell straight away if a person has slept badly, if their…

  • Eczema, my personal battle

    What is eczema? Atopic eczema is the most common form of eczema, where atopic means “sensitive to allergens”. The common symptoms include dry, itchy, cracked, sore and red skin, and in more severe cases there can been bleeding and weeping. Eczema is found more often in children, but can also affect adults. According to National…

  • Veganuary 2016

    We like challenges here at KOZMETICS! And to help you with your #Veganuary challenge this year we prepared a special discount on the entire range, simply type VEG16 at the checkout to receive 10% off your purchase. The offer is valid till the end of January for all #Veganuary supporters.

  • 2015 favourite products and ingredients

    1. Phenomé Regenerating Hair Mask 2. Coconut Oil, any shape or form 3. Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner 4. Treaclemoon My Coconut Island Shower Gel 5. KOZMETICS Face Cleansing Oil 6. Amphora Aromatics Intense Coconut Shampoo Bar 7. The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Mist 8. Rosehip Oil 9. KOZMETICS Re-Balancing Lavender Face & Neck Elixir   2015…

  • Face Cleansing Oil

        We would like to introduce you to our FACE CLEANSING OIL. Ta-dah! It was one of the very first products that KOZMETICS created and it still is one of our go-to essentials.   What is it? FACE CLEANSING OIL was created for use in the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM), a method that is quickly gaining recognition as one…

  • Coconut Oil

      There are some good oils and there are some excellent ones! And here is why the coconut oil is the latter!

  • Shea butter

    Shea butter, also known as karité, is a triglyceride extracted from shea nuts that grown on shea trees mainly found in West Africa. The traditional method of shea butter extraction is very labour-intensive.