1. Phenomé Regenerating Hair Mask 2. Coconut Oil, any shape or form 3. Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner 4. Treaclemoon My Coconut Island Shower Gel 5. KOZMETICS Face Cleansing Oil 6. Amphora Aromatics Intense Coconut Shampoo Bar 7. The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Mist 8. Rosehip Oil 9. KOZMETICS Re-Balancing Lavender Face & Neck Elixir


2015 was a big year for us! KOZMETICS was launched and we are happy to see it already has a growing group of fans (very modest, we know). As the end of a year is a good time for summaries, we decided to make our very first one. We thought we would share our favourite beauty products and ingredients with you. Truth be told, we don’t buy many cosmetics these days as we are able to make most of them ourselves, but there are certain things that we love just too much to replace.


1. Phenomé Regenerating Hair Mask 150mL, app £17

We are proud to recommend this gem, which is made by a company from our homeland of Poland – Phenomé. The brand tries to marry science and nature, and the results are great. We feel that some of the products are somewhat on the expensive side, especially for Polish wallets, but with this Regenerating Hair Mask we feel that it is worth the money. The mask lasts ages and the ingredient list is great; it contains mainly plant hydrolats (including aloe juice, lemon peel water, tea leaf water), many oils and butters, and plant extracts. You can treat it as a once a week ultra-rich replenishment for your hair or as an everyday essential, either way it does what it says on the tin and more!

2. Coconut Oil, available here or here

This one is not a surprise. We LOVE Coconut Oil and we always have it in our beauty cupboard. Its uses are limitless; make-up remover, shaving agent, brilliant moisturiser for the face, eyes, and body, also a hair conditioner, you name it. We are pretty certain that our blood type is coconut oil (how coconut oil is the answer to all your problems). If you want to benefit from those lovely saturated fatty acids like lauric or capric acid, antioxidants, and that fabulous coconutty smell make sure you always buy virgin coconut oil.

3. Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner, 250 mL, both at £6.95

Very reasonably priced for products of this quality. No animal-deriving ingredients, low on harsh ingredients. Most importantly, both the shampoo and conditioner don’t contain silicones, instead they are full of plant extracts (grape, lemon, pepper, thyme, olive) and amino acids. The smell is a lovely mixture of almonds and black pepper, quite subtle and unusual. The shampoo run out faster then the conditioner. It lathers quite well for a non SLS-based shampoo (we find that this is something you get used to) and we usually applied it twice. They leave hair well-moisturised and frizz-free, but can be quite heavy. Will be definitely re-ordering!

4. Treaclemoon My Coconut Island Shower Gel 500mL, £2.99

Right, this one is our guilty pleasure. Don’t judge, it’s impossible to be good all the time.  Not such a natural product, but at least it doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients. What can we say, we love the divine smell and the texture. Also, it is a real treat to look at and the labels are fun to read.

5. KOZMETICS Face Cleansing Oil 30mL, £5.00 

We had to put one of our own products in here and this one is truly a great one! It was one of the very first products created at KOZMETICS and it still is one of our go-to essentials. We simply couldn’t imagine using anything else for our daily cleanse, it easily gets rid off even the most stubborn make-up. If you would like to read more about how to use it, please have a look at our blog.

6. Amphora Aromatics Intense Coconut Shampoo Bar 50g, £5.88

This product comes from Magda’s time in Bristol. Amphora Aromatics is a great little place for shopping for ingredients and ready-made products! Their shampoo bars are an absolute winner when it comes to short ingredient lists and effectiveness. They lather and smell great, and leave hair clean and moisturised. If you leave it on for a while, you won’t even have to use a conditioner.

7. The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Mist 100mL, £7.00

This one is a tricky one to judge. We absolutely love this fragrance, especially in the summer. However, the ingredients list has only “parfum” listed as a fragrance, so we don’t really know if it is 100% natural, but we will just have to put our faith in it. We believe you won’t disappoint us, Body Shop! The smell is very refreshing and not too sweet; the only downside is that it doesn’t stay on for too long.

8. Rosehip oil, available here

A little miracle worker. Rosehip Oil is extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush growing in Chile and it has taken the spotlight by storm recently. It is a rich source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins including retinoic acid (a form of Vitamin A) known to stimulate cell regeneration and reduce photo-ageing, stretch marks, and scaring. It can be applied in an undiluted form directly onto the skin. We love using it and everything that has rosehip oil in it! You can check out our shop for products with Rosehip Oil.

9. KOZMETICS Re-Balancing Lavender Face & Neck Elixir 10mL, £4.50

We couldn’t wrap things up without adding the Lavender Elixir to the list. We simply love it too much! It is made from a blend of great oils including jojoba, argan, camellia (tea leaf), rosehip, and maracuja oil. Lavender extract has great soothing properties, and it also makes us very relaxed before going to bed. Win, win! If you would like to find out more about this product, please follow this link.


Hope we managed to introduce you to some new brands or products, and show you what we enjoyed in 2015. Please let us know how you liked our list of products and ingredients. Would you like to see more reviews like this?

Anyway, have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and a great 2016! Szczesliwego Nowego Roku!


Photos: Muffet via BYYIM Hafiz via BY

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