At Kozmetics we believe that simple is the new cutting-edge!

I have always been very passionate about skincare. I love to experiment with new ingredients and products, and this is how I discovered the power of natural ingredients. So, I decided to open my own small skincare company to share my knowledge and passion with you. KOZMETICS opened for business in 2015 and I personally formulate each unique product we offer, using only those ingredients that I love and have first tested on myself.

Dr Magdalena Koziol

I studied Plant Biotechnology at University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland, and this is what first sparked my interest in plants and their biochemistry, as well as my love for research and science. After finishing my master’s degree, I moved to England to start a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Bristol. I worked on pharmaceuticals produced by fungi, and this strengthened my understanding of and belief in the restorative power of nature.

After completing my PhD, I worked as a research assistant, but I soon realised that what I really wanted to do was to create a range of products that would combine the power of plants with my passion for skincare and science. I have been using all of these products myself for a long time – with the exception of the beard oil of course – testing them on my family and friends too. It took time to perfect the formulas and to present them in a clean, simple way that would reflect the natural goodness inside each jar and bottle. But it has all been worth it.

I believe in simplicity and I created KOZMETICS with this basic principle in mind. I don’t believe that women and men should have to spend hours looking after their skin. Here at KOZMETICS we have made skincare easier for you by selecting outstanding ingredients and combining them in simple formulations to limit the number of skincare products you need to use. A friend of mine summed up this approach nicely, “As much as necessary, as little as possible.” Everybody deserves a little time to feel special and indulge themselves, but by choosing KOZMETICS  products, you’ll be ready quicker for all those more important things in life!

Why “KOZMETICS”? In case you were wondering how the company came to be named, I wanted to incorporate my family name into the company name, and in Polish Kozioł (Polish spelling) means “billy goat”, so I combined the words Koziol and Cosmetics to get  KOZMETICS! And that also explains the company logo, which had to be a goat of course; it was designed by Maciek Piechnik, an amazingly talented architect and artist (and my one-time school friend), who knew what I wanted straight away.



Natural skincare is our passion and we would like to invite you to share it with us!

The world of skincare products is full of substances such as parabens, silicones, sulphates and mineral oil, and while they are not all bad, why not instead use skincare products that don’t contain any fillers, preservatives or artificial colours, products that are made from the best all-natural ingredients that are multifunctional too? Sounds too good to be true? Not so, as you will discover for yourself with the growing range of KOZMETICS products in our on-line shop.

We supply uncompromising beauty products using the best available natural ingredients from trusted suppliers. The products are all handmade in small, carefully monitored batches to guarantee the highest quality and freshness. Every ingredient is added for a purpose, each plays a significant part in the formulation and contributes to the active role of the final product. Moreover, all of our ingredients are plant-derived, making all our products cruelty free and vegan friendly.

KOZMETICS products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, and that includes all our products containing wax. We do not use beeswax in our formulations, instead we use Candelilla wax. Happily, animal testing is banned within the EU, and the only creatures our products are tested on are willing friends and family members!

We only cooperate with ethical UK-based suppliers that provide the highest quality ingredients. The ingredients we use may not always be organic – despite the popular view, organic doesn’t always mean better and getting a certificate can be a real challenge (especially financially) to farmers of the exotic oils and butters that we love so much – but we only use reliable and tested suppliers who care equally about the produce and the people who produce it, providing them with a fair trade and a living wage.

We aim to introduce you to ingredients that you may not have heard of, and to reintroduce those ingredients you may know well already by using them in novel ways.

Please follow our blog, you will find details about ingredients we use and love. If you have any interesting articles you would like to share with us, or suggestions for the blog, we would love to hear from you.