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Sometimes your daily routine just isn’t enough. Sometimes the skin is just overwhelmed with different factors: the weather, pollution, hormones, make up, etc. If you feel you need a special treatment, look no further.

Pink Clay is also known as Rose Clay. Our clay comes from France and it’s a combination of red and white clay, so you can have the benefit of both in one treatment. It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin with a tendency for redness. Due to its properties as a natural cleanser Pink Clay can draw out dirt, sebum and pollutants from the pores, brightening and refreshing the complexion. And in doing so it doesn’t dry out or irritate the skin. By improving the blood micro-circulation in the skin, the clay helps to promote skin regeneration and damage repair. This leads to skin rejuvenation and skin toning and firming.

The powder form of this wonderful ingredient allows for flexible use. Another benefit is that it doesn’t contain any preservatives. You simply make up the required amount by mixing the powder with your favourite floral water or aloe vera extract. You can add your favourite oil or a couple of drops of an essential oil. Start by adding a couple of drops of water, slowly adding more until you obtain a thick paste. Apply to the face or body with your hand, spatula or a brush.


I love how versatile Pink Clay is! It can be used for regenerating face masks, tightening body wraps, or as a natural cleanser it can be added to shampoos, scrubs or bath products. The possibilites are endless!


And now with our introductory offer it’s only £4.00!!!

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